Shifts in lifestyle can take upwards of six months to create, this isn't about a quick fix diet (although you will have access to daily nutrition hacks), rather it's about becoming privy to the foods that can harm or help you.

Sit down with Coree for a Complimentary 30 minutes and discuss what that may look like for you…

As an Integrative Health Coach and Private Chef, Coree is curating meal plans for a lifestyle of abundance. Her holistic approach to guiding clients into a deeper understanding of their nutritional needs is organic and therapeutic.

Coree works independently as well as in collaboration with Physicians to execute prescribed Treatment Plans, most often targeting gut health, nutrient deficiencies and food sensitivities. Through meal planning, recipe sharing, kitchen detoxifying and genuine accountability, Coree is changing the perception of a “diet” by taking away “rules” and utilizing science.

Through her passion to educate, she can be found throughout San Diego providing workshops, cooking demonstrations, catering and lectures, each advocating the importance of alkaline, anti-inflammatory, and nutrient dense food choices. Coree’s energy is uplifting and sincere, she’s the certified Nutritional cheerleader that clients are transforming their health with.

artist, Adam Belt.

artist, Adam Belt.